Aaron Yoo (28-35) and Leonardo Nam (24-35)

Do’s and Don’ts of Casting Siblings


Here is a little guide on how to help make sure that your siblings can actually correctly portray a family! Includes both what you shouldn’t do and what you should do!

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Anonymous asked: Who could be a sister of Sarah Bolger appearing to be around age 15-24

Sarah’s tag has options as well as:

  • Elizabeth Gillies
  • Elisabeth Harnois
  • Indiana Evans
  • Lily Collins



  • Shailene Woodley (22) — known for Divergent (Tris), The Secret Life of an American Teenager (Amy)
  • Lyndsy Fonseca (27) — known for Nikita (Alex), How I Met Your Mother (daughter), Kick Ass (Katie)



Finally finished my GIF hunt for my pretty homegirl, Kathryn Bernardo. She's a Filipina actress. Some GIFs are with Daniel Padilla (OTP right there). This is the first GIF hunt of her here on tumblr so I'm kind of happy for myself. Hahaha. This isn't all the GIFs of her on tumblr. I'm hoping to make another GIF hunt of her later on cause seriously, we need more Asian FCs in the RP world.

  • This GIF hunt contains 300+ GIFs.
  • I didn't make any of these GIFs. I simply gathered them.
  • Credit goes to the lovely people who made the GIFs
  • I apologize for any repeats.
  • Please like if you take. Reblog only if you're a RPH/RPC/RPCHA.


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Below the cut are 170 gifs of stunning Indian actress Alia Bhatt, known for her roles in 2 States, Highway, and many other Bollywood films. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: None of these gifs are mine and all credit goes to their original creators. If you would like me to remove any of these gifs, message me off-anon and I will remove them.

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Lee Min Ho Gif Hunt:


Under the cut you will find #200 small/medium, hq, textless gifs of Lee Min-Ho. None of the gifs bellow are made by me. If you see a gif of yours you would like taken down, please contact me. Do not repost in gifsets or claim as your own.


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Anonymous asked: do you think stephanie bertram rose and jessica ann strother could play half-sisters?

I think they could play full sisters. From what I gather, both Stephanie and Jessica are a quarter black.

Anonymous asked: Could Sebastian Stan and Daniel Sharman pass for brothers?


Anonymous asked: What age range do you think Rick Genest could play? Is 20 too young?

Yes, I think so. Rick is 28 and I think he looks his age. I’d play him around 25-30.