ferreirareviews asked: slide into the bae's inbox like miss u motherfucka

i miss u more talk 2 me on skype so i can avoid responsibility

Anonymous asked: Hello Katherine, I was wondering if you could suggest some younger and/or about same age brothers for Alex Pettyfer? I'm having some trouble finding faces that fit. - Please and Thank you

Anonymous asked: Any ideas for a younger and older face claim for Shelley Hennig?

Older options can be found in Shelley’s tag. As for a younger:

  • Kaitlyn Dever
  • Daveigh Chase
  • Kara Hayward

Anonymous asked: Hello! I was wondering if you could suggest me some people that could work as dominic sherwood's twin?
  • Chris Zylka
  • Jake Abel
  • Max Irons
  • Douglas Booth

Anonymous asked: do you think ashton irwin coud pass for louis weasley?


Anonymous asked: age range for georgia may jagger?

Georgia is 22 but could probably play 19-24.

Anonymous asked: Could Amanda Stenberg pass a younger sibling to Kirby Griffin and Marina Nely? Do they all look as though they could be mother/daughter to Tyra Banks?

Hi there! I believe Marina Nery is Brazilian so she wouldn’t work in this family. I absolutely think that Kirby could pass as a daughter to Tyra, but I don’t like Amandla for a younger sister. Perhaps Antonia Thomas or Logan Browning could work for a sister to Kirby.



A POC gets cast as a white character: OMG, why can’t they just leave the characters the way they are! Quit trying to make things so PC!!!!1

A white person gets cast as a character that’s a POC: Get over it, maybe he/she was the best person for the job or there were no black/asian/native people right for the part. 

i have literally never seen this happen

never seen anyone be calm about a white person as a poc

and yes, i’ve seen many people freak the fuck out about a poc as a white character (cue eye roll bc shut up) but i’ve also seen MANY people be v happy about it (which makes me happy)

Excuses are made on behalf of white people being cast as POC all the time, including but not limited to:

The list can continue on for miles. It is not, in the eyes of many, as big of a deal to cast a white person as a character of color than it is to do the opposite.

Anonymous asked: Could Seychelle Gabriel and Michael Trevino play half-siblings?


Anonymous asked: Do you think Arden Cho could work as Kiko Mizuhara's older sister? With Jamie Chung as their cousin?

Personally, I think Arden and Jamie would work better as siblings with Kiko as a cousin. I’m not against Arden and Kiko as sisters but I don’t think they look a whole lot alike.