Anonymous asked: that one blog that you don’t like and you see EVERYWHERE #tyleroakley

lawd yes

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that one blog that you don’t like and you see EVERYWHERE

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Anonymous asked: Could Janet Montgomery and crystal reed be sisters?


Anonymous asked: Danielle Bradbery & Madilyn Paige for half-sisters?


Anonymous asked: twin sister for ashton irwin?
  • Taylor Momsen
  • AnnaSophia Robb
  • Cara Delevingne

Anonymous asked: Hi there! Lovely blog, by the way. I was wondering if you could give me a few fc suggestions for someone (around high school/early 20's) that resembles Sarah Wayne Callies? Thanks in advance!

Thank you very much!

  • Daveigh Chase
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Shelley Hennig
  • Lyndsy Fonseca

Anonymous asked: If Robert Downey Jr. had a female child with Halle Berry or Gina Torres, who could I use as an FC?


Anonymous asked: hi beautiful, i don't want to bother you but i was just wondering how you know the ethnicities to so many celebs? like do you use a certain website or something? i just dont want to be incorrect when casting certain fcs and google isn't really helping.. thank you for all your help!

My number 1 source for actors and general celebrities is a website called EthniCelebs. Models is a great source for searching models (duh). I usually use Google as a double-check. 

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Anonymous asked: can i please have an age range for katie mcgrath? thank you

Katie is 30 and looks her age so I’d say 25-30.

Anonymous asked: Do you think Laura Pulver and kaya Scodelario could be related? Also which kind of relation would they have?

Yes, they could. Sisters, aunt/niece, cousins, and half sisters could work.