Anonymous asked: Lea Michele & Anne Hathaway as sisters?


Anonymous asked: hi! do you think that cameron diaz could play rita volk's mother? if not mother, then do you mind suggesting some other connections for the two? thank you so much!

YES, absolutely!!

Anonymous asked: Could Chloe Moretz pass as Elizabeth Olsen's daughter or little sister? thank you! :)

Depending on how you age them, sure. 

Anonymous asked: Age range for Alyssa Campanella?

Alyssa is 24 but looks older to me. I’d say 23-27.

Anonymous asked: What do you think Rosie Tupper's age range would be?

Rosie is 22 but looks a little younger, so I’d say 18-22.

Anonymous asked: Hello! Can I please get a full sister for Tyler Posey around the age 23? His tag is all brothers, and I'd like to fix my bad casting in an old RP! (His sister was once Nina Dobrev.. I'm shaking my head at my past problematic self)

It happens! The best thing is that you’ve learned from it. Nina could work as a half sister!

  • Demi Lovato
  • Cierra Ramirez (younger)
  • Raini Rodriguez (half sister, younger)

Anonymous asked: Could Lana Parrilla and Madeleine Stowe play sisters? They're both half Spanish.

Madeleine is only part Costa Rican and Lana is half Puerto Rican, so I’d say half sisters is best.

addition from jenny1x1To the anon about the “half-Spanish” fcs – please learn that one thing is being Spanish, another is being Hispanic. You mean Hispanic, meaning from Spanish-speaking countries, not Spanish, because none of those actresses are from Spain.

Anonymous asked: Georgie Henley and Douglas Booth as siblings? How about younger brothers and sisters for Ben Barnes?

Georgie and Douglas definitely could! As for Ben, please check his tag.

Anonymous asked: Could Alexandra Daddario and Alexis Bledel pass for twins?


Anonymous asked: Hello, do you think that Avan Jogia and Diego Boneta could pass as brothers or half brothers?

Due to their ethnicites, half brothers would work.